Join comedian Joey Medina and a rotating cast of his funny friends as they sometimes get raunchy, sometimes outrageous but always hilarious & uncensored; the way a podcast should be.

TMZ's Brian McDaniel & Comedian DJ Cooch and I recorded this halirious episode while driving back from Vegas. Lot and lots of funny shit. We talked about EVERYTHING!!!

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Great podcast I was on with my friend Drew Marks called Bad Advice. Funny and inpoliticly correct episode.

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Comedians Dante & Rebekah ask me to be a guest on their Podcast "Hollywood Hash" and here is that episode. 

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Liz & I get drunk on Mimosa again and discuss NWA and political correctness. Liz talks about the time she was in a shooting at a NWA concert. Funny episode indeed!

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Here's the episode of I was on "The What's Up Fool?" podcast with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres. We had a great time talking about our early days in comedy and about my past lives. Funny ass episode you don't want to miss!

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I was a guest on Jimmy Della Valle's podcast. We talked about female comics, the meaning of the word "fuck" and much more. It's a fun and informative episode. Joey Medina

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Comedian DJ Cooch and Joey recorded this funny and informative episode while driving to Laughlin, NV. Great podcast.

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Great episode especially if you're a comedian or just a fan of comedy. We discuss the behide the scenes of what it's like to be a comedian and discuss the very popular Las Vegas Show called "Dirty at 12:30"

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Joey & Liz get drunk and talk about movies and best songs to play when you're dead.

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This episode is from a podcast I was a guest on called "Live & on Board" with Tony Milazzo. We recorded it on his boat which was very cool. Hope You Enjoy.

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